Class Action and Mass Tort Litigation

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litigationConsumer Protection Attorneys for Regional and National Class Action Lawsuits and Mass Tort Litigation
Consumer protection actions, or class actions, can stem from an almost unlimited variety of misconduct or defective products.

Founded in 1996 by former United States Attorney and assistant solicitor, Pete Strom, the Strom Law Firm, LLC aggressively pursues class action cases. Our firm enjoys a distinct statewide and national reputation for excellence in the area of consumer protection litigation and class action lawsuits.

What Types Of Case is Appropriate to Pursue as a Class Action?

Class actions and consumer protection cases can stem from an almost unlimited variety of misconduct or defective products.  Mass Tort cases can stem from an unlimited variety of defective products and medical devices.

Class Action cases we have handled in the past include:

  • a case against the managed care industry on behalf of physicians for systematically undercutting physician claims for payment for seeing patients;
  •  race-based life insurance cases against life insurance companies for charging African Americans higher rates for industrial life insurance;
  • consumer cases included suing finance companies for adding credit life insurance on to consumer loans;
  • a predatory lending case against the title loan industry;
  • a predatory lending case against the mortgage industry for systematically steering clients into subprime lending

Our Columbia, South Carolina class action lawyers litigated breach of warranty cases involving defective washing machines, electrical receptacles, and pharmaceutical products.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a defective product or medical device, give us a call.  We offer a free consultation to discuss your legal rights as well as how our firm may be able to help.